Eiriksen's Huscarls, blowing up Clan mechs as we speak.

Eiriksen's Huscarls started life as a revolutionary force on the former Rasalhague planet of Radje. Driven off from their home world by the Ghost Bear forces, the Huscarls now find themselves making home on their dropship “Tyr's Sword”.


Forced into Mercenary work to survive, the Huscarls are known to be a grim and unyielding group who's determination has won them many a battle where other mercenaries would have simply given up.


Each Huscarl has a knot work tattoo on their arm that they add to for each mission they complete. The Tattoos start from the bearers wrist and ascend up their arm. Eiriksen and the other original members tattoos now reach up past their shoulders.


The Huscarls are currently a combined arms company. Fielding two lances of mechs, a squadron of tanks, a unit of artillery and a pair of aerospace fighters.

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